Lucky la Madeleine Guest Wins Trip To France


La Madeleine French Bakery & Café beloved for it’s crave able recipes and ‘home away from home’ ambiance is excited to announce the winner of the Pack your Baguettes Trip to France sweepstakes.

The lucky winner is Cynthia Sheffield of San Antonio, TX who is a loyal guest of the Alamo Heights bakery. The prize includes a trip to Paris and the Loire Valley area of France for Cynthia and one guest which includes airfare, train tickets, hotel accommodations and meals for one week.

A celebration will be held for Cynthia at the Alamo Heights bakery hosted by la Madeleine’s founder Patrick Esquerré who is originally from Toures in the Loure Valley. Not only is he the founder of la Madeleine but an enthusiastic French travel expert eager to help Cynthia plan her trip.

“I can’t believe I won,” said Cynthia. “When I learned I was the winner, I was hoping that it wasn’t too good to be true. I have always wanted to go to France and will now be able to check this experience off of my bucket list. There are many things I love about la Madeleine but my favorite has to be the quaint atmosphere and wonderful custom breakfast crêpes.”

“I created la Madeleine to feel like an escape to France so the opportunity to actually send a guest there makes my heart happy,” said Patrick. “We want to congratulate Cynthia on winning this trip and I can’t wait to share France with you!”

The Pack Your Baguettes Trip to France Sweepstakes started on April 18th and ended on July 14th. Every time guests scanned or ordered through their la Madeleine app they received an entry into the sweepstakes. There was an additional mail in entry method.

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