All-Butter Croissants

Our all-butter croissants are made in the classic French tradition.

All-Butter Croissants
Our croissants are made by rolling real butter into fresh yeast dough, this process creates thousands of buttery flaky layers.

Specialty Croissants: Almond, Chocolate Almond and Blackberry Cream Cheese
Our specialty croissants are handmade and baked fresh throughout the day. The process for making our specialty croissants is the exact technique used in France. We start by baking fresh butter croissants, cooling them, and then dipping them in simple syrup before adding fillings. We top each one in a unique style. Our Chocolate Almond Croissant is an absolute guest favorite, and we have a fun story behind its origination. In the early 1990s our current executive chef, Susan Dederen, was working for Rémy Schaal, la Madeleine’s first executive chef. Susan was experimenting (some might say playing) with Viennoiserie recipes in the kitchen (which Rémy wasn’t a big fan of doing) and made a chocolate croissant with almond cream on the inside and our coconut macaroon batter on top. Rémy thought it was completely hideous, but conceded if Susan lost the coconut macaroon batter on top and used almond cream instead, that we could add it to the Viennoiserie case. It has been a guest favorite ever since.

Insider tip: Ask the manager to warm up the croissant for you — so wonderful it will almost take your breath away in delight.