Bread & Jam

One of the delights of la Madeleine is having bread, butter, and our homemade strawberry rhubarb or blackberry jam while you chat with your friends and wait for your food.

Why does la Madeleine serve bread and jam? Early on, our managers began offering guests bread, butter, and jam at lunch and dinner. Guests enjoyed the “lagniappe” or “un petit geste” so much that the tradition extended to all day and continues still.

La Madeleine strawberry rhubarb and blackberry jams are technically confitures. Our first executive chef, Rémy Schaal, grew up in France and made jam from a simple recipe with fruit as the star. Today we still simmer batches of our blackberry and strawberry rhubarb confitures until they are delightfully thick. Because our recipe and thickening process calls for so much fruit, we legally have to call our jams confitures — jam contains more sugar than fruit.