La Madeleine’s Coffee

Freshly brewed French roast made from 100% Columbian Arabica beans and blended especially for la Madeleine.

La Madeleine’s Coffee
At la Madeleine the word café means two things. First, being together. And second, freshly brewed French roast blended especially for la Madeleine. It goes with everything — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and conversation. Like the French, why don’t you dunk a flaky croissant in it? Bon appétit!

French Roast
Dark roasted in the traditional French way to produce a heavy, extra full body, wonderfully European coffee experience. A unique blend of 100% Arabica beans mixed exclusively for la Madeleine.

American Roast
Rich, smooth taste, full of flavor and aroma for those who prefer a lighter tasting coffee. A mild aromatic mixture of 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia, Central America, Brazil, and Mexico. This coffee has more caffeine than the French roast.

Decaf French Roast
A unique opportunity to have decaf that tastes like traditional French coffee. A rich blend of Colombian Arabica coffees, decaffeinated.

Extra stout coffee brewed from dark roasted espresso beans; brewed to order. Contains less caffeine than American or French roast. Available as a single or double shot.

Café Latte
Regular or decaf espresso mixed with hot, foamless, steamed milk. Topped with cocoa or cinnamon. Available as a single or double.

Rich espresso beneath a creamy cloud of hot frothed milk. Topped with cinnamon or cocoa. Available as a single or double.

Café Mocha
A celebration of rich espresso, luscious chocolate, and a creamy cloud of frothed milk. Topped with cocoa or cinnamon. Available as a single or double.

Hot Chocolate
A sinful marriage of chocolate and creamy steamed milk. Topped with whipped cream and cocoa. Available as single or double.