Living French

There’s something special about the way the French live. It’s filled with joie de vivre, the joy of living. And while visiting the French Countryside regularly may not be an option, you can experience the same joie at each and every la Madeleine Café.

We call it L’essence de France, the essence of French Living. You’ll find it in our hospitality, our atmosphere and, of course, our food. We invite you to stop by and experience the French Country life one recipe at a time.

Discover the principles that make French Country food and life so rich.

Doing it right is always better than doing it quickly. All it takes is a little patience like when we allow our famous croissant dough to rest in between rolls so it stays flaky, light and delicious.

The French enjoy simple pleasures like using a few simple ingredients to create a wonderful recipe like our Signature Strawberries Romanoff comprised of freshly cut strawberries and the most deliciously simple sauce of sour cream, brown sugar and a hint of brandy.

We cook like we’re cooking for family, because we are. All our pastas are sautéed to order because we believe our family deserves nothing but the freshest and the best.


The French don’t sacrifice; they balance. They pair the light with the indulgent and so do we, like with our Salmon and Dill Sauce where we pair light, roasted salmon with rich dill cream sauce.

We believe meals are the perfect occasion to slow down and reconnect which is why every one of our cafés has a cozy fireplace and worn wood tables that accommodate you and your thoughts or you and your closest companions.

The French are consummate hosts and we aspire to be the same. That’s why you’ll find a friendly “bonjour” and complimentary bread, butter and jam on every visit.