La Madeleine’s Food Tradition

Using real, wholesome ingredients and writing our recipes using classic French techniques has let us craft unique products that create an addiction with our guests.

Classic French Traditions. Passed Down Recipes.
Handcrafted daily with fresh, seasonally inspired ingredients.

Nowhere in the world is there as strong a relationship between food and daily life as in France. Here, the simple act of everyday eating takes on an importance that far transcends nourishment. And forming the basis of this extraordinary relationship is the link between the land, the people, and tradition.

The land — that the French people love so much, that they’ve fought so valiantly for through centuries of war, that they retreat to every weekend — bears them the food and wine they serve and enjoy with such passion. Small farms, street markets, and garden plots are all tended to with such great care because the French treasure simple food, fresh from the earth.

The Loire Valley where many of our la Madeleine recipes originated is often referred to as the “garden of France.” It is here that a style of cooking based on common sense and nature prevails — hearty foods and simple breads made from the freshest ingredients. Le bon et le bien: good and healthy.

France, it is said, is a country where anyone can feel at home. With something to please everyone, be it the arts, the land, or the food, France is a playground for anyone who loves life. Joie, or joy, is a cherished part of country French living. Be joyful in all you do. Do not take yourself too seriously. Care about each other. Seek out others who enjoy people. Indulge yourself. Look for opportunities to help each other. And take joy in preparing and serving délicieux, hearty food. It is this feeling of joie that defines la Madeleine and makes it special for associates and guests alike.

As the pace of life increases, we often find less time to enjoy the simple pleasure of a meal together. At la Madeleine we believe eating is an important social and community activity. There is no substitute for lengthy, unhurried conversation around a table with family and friends. It is at those times that our joie de vivre, or joy of life, is most exuberant.

“Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to morale.” -Elsa Schiaparelli


A Letter from Our Head Chef & Vice President of Culinary Development
From our very first day la Madeleine has always made our food with the joie of our guests in mind.

Using real, wholesome ingredients and writing our recipes using classic French techniques has let us craft unique products that create an addiction with our guests.

The inspiration for our recipes, old and new alike, comes from the many diverse regions of France and the foods they serve. From Paris to Provence we take the local favorites and introduce them to our guests. We call it French with a wink…taking the best foods of France and using the best ingredients from the U.S. we ensure the freshest products for our guests. Changing our products with the seasons allows us to use these ingredients when they are at their peak.

And in each of our cafés we cook and bake in small batches because that’s how we receive our guests.

Bon Appétit,
Susan Dederen